Design of new concept low NOx burners


How can you reach even the most ambitious emissions targets? By using innovative concepts and making smart energy choices!

The goal of this project was to design a new range of burners which would provide the client with a fully integrated solution to its boilers. BMA worked in tandem with the client’s research and development department to design a new range of low emission burners. The key objectives were reliability, low NOx emissions, and minimal costs. The design integrated auxiliaries such as air conduits, igniters, and scanners. The output of the new burners ranges from 12 to 420 MMBTU/hr, while delivering NOx emissions below 30ppm, and as low as 9ppm. Today, more than 50 of these BMA designed burners have been installed around the world.

Boiler manufacturer
2011 – current



Preliminary and detailed engineering
  • Mass and energy balance
  • Burner configuration
  • Mechanical design
Numerical simulation
Testing and Start up (US, Canada, and Russia)



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