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Welcome to Brais Malouin & Associates, Engineering Consultants. Our engineers specialize in the fields of energy, combustion, heat transfer, and energy efficiency. We have in-depth experience with every type of industrial thermal system. Our unique expertise in numerical simulation (CFD) provides a virtual test bench on which problems can be diagnosed, existing equipment optimized, and new equipment developed.

BMA’s services can be deployed internationally in any of the following sectors: energy, oil and gas, mining and metals, petrochemicals, pulp and paper, and any other industry which utilizes thermal processes.

BMA provides comprehensive services from conception to installation, including fabrication, procurement and supply, project management and training.

The combination of these proficiencies allows BMA to provide its clients with unique solutions, which are efficient, sustainable and safe.



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Fuel cost fluctuation. Increasingly open markets. Product evolution. Environmental constraints. These factors are not merely obstacles. They can also be opportunities to turn your energy into an actual economic advantage!

If you wish to optimize your energy consumption, reduce your emissions, obtain carbon credits, design new systems, or solve combustion and heat transfer problems, contact BMA right away!



It is often extremely difficult and costly to obtain precise information about exactly what occurs inside functioning industrial equipment.

Numerical simulation, or Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) provides a virtual test bench from which design flaws can be pinpointed, equipment can be modified and optimized, and new concepts can be developed.

BMA also has other powerful tools at its disposal, such as BOILER II, which analyzes the natural or forced circulation of water through boiler tubes. This tool can help you resolve numerous problems, including tube dry out, which can lead to premature ruptures.


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