Industrial waste valorization


How can you minimize your environmental footprint while reducing your energy bill? By utilizing an important resource: waste!

The global thermal capacity of the installation is 30MW (104MMBTU/hr), the fuel used is wood residue with a humidity level of 55%.

Black liquor is the cooking liquor which results from the fabrication of kraft paper. The goal of this project was to determine the feasibility of using this waste product as fuel, and burning it directly in the biomass boiler. An analysis of the black liquor revealed that it had real energy potential for this plant. The next step was to determine the best way to incorporate this new fuel within the existing process.

BMA studied several possible scenarios in order to respond to this very specific need.

Pulp and paper plant
Cabano, Quebec



Feasibility Study
Preliminary Engineering
  • Combustion with burner / injection nozzle
  • Mix with residues
  • PFDs and P&IDs
Installation drawings
Estimates of implementation costs, potential savings and ROI



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