Design and installation of low emission equipment


In light of new environmental regulations, why spend vast sums of money on post-treatment equipment when the source of the problem is combustion?

For many years now, BMA has been the pioneer in the field of design, fabrication, and installation of new combustion systems for the Mexican power plant network.

Some examples of our emission reduction projects in Mexico:

  • Guaymas, Two 150MW units and 24 burners
  • Salamanca, Two 300MW units, 16 tangential burners, and 16 opposed burners
Power plant
2008 – Current



Basic and detailed engineering
Design of burners and OFA and FGR injection systems
Numerical simulation and design of the system in order to guarantee NOx emission levels for gas, oil, and dual fuel.
Equipment and instrumentation procurement
Start-up assistance



Conversion from oil to natural gas

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