Ovens fuel conversion study


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In this industrial process, the concentrated zinc is fed by conveyor into a fluidized bed kiln. The production line comprises 4 ovens and 12 burners.

The first aim of the study was to determine the feasibility of the conversion in terms of natural gas regulation and potential restrictions.

Our team then studied the technical feasibility of converting the oil fired zinc kiln to natural gas.

Metallurgical plant



Energy Audit
Feasibility Study
Preliminary Engineering
  • Dual fuel burners
  • Auxiliaries (Flame detectors, controls, BMS, Etc.)
  • Piping diagrams
  • Auto-ignition temperature
  • Burner/Gun operation sequence
Study of natural Gas regulation and potential restrictions (CSA, NFPA, ANSI)



Design and installation of low emission equipment

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Maximizing the energy production

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