Increasing Production Line Output: Cooling Containers


An important goal of any industry is to increase its output. At the same time, it must adhere to increasingly stringent quality and safety standards. A simple audit, carried out by experts, followed by a targeted study, can quickly and clearly respond to these needs.

With the goal of increasing production, the challenge was to speed up the process of cooling the product: jars of sauce. The initial temperature was 195°F, and the target temperature was 100°F.

The first step was to conduct a precise diagnosis of the current cooling process in order to determine the feasibility of attaining the new target temperature.

The conclusion of this preliminary study showed that the existing cooling equipment did not have the capacity needed.

BMA was therefore asked to design a new cooling system. A transitional three-dimensional cooling calculation was conducted in order to determine the required capacity of the new sprinkling system. The study also allowed BMA to determine the necessary dimensions of the cooling tunnel, as well as the number, capacity and placement of the sprinkler heads.

Food factory
Rougemont, Quebec



Energy diagnosis

Calculation of the density for two production recipes
Calculation of the cooling capacity required to cool 200 jars/minute
Calculation of the time required to cool the jars using the existing cooling system
Determining whether the existing cooling system has the capacity to cool 200 jars/minute
Design of the new cooling system
Providing pump and showerhead specifications
Optimizing sprinkler temperature
Layout and design of new cooling



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